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Continuous Mixer

Continuous MixerThe Umang Granulator Instantly mixes and granulates dry powder ingredients in a continuous process. Pre-blended powders are dispersed on a high speed wheel and mixed with an atomized granulating fluid. Less than 100g of product is in the mixing stream at any one time, so scale-up depends only on process time. The same machine can produce a few kilograms on a laboratory scale or volume production up to 500kg/hr. the unique compact design ensures that powder hold-up is minimal and cleaning is quick and easy. Discharge may be direct into the Umang’s extruder.

The Umang’s Granulator can also be used for dispersing and coating of powders and can be set up to discharge directly into a batch or continuous fluid bed dryer.

  •  Instant processing
  •  Contained operation
  •  Simple, time-dependent scale-up
  •  Small foot-print
  •  Easy to clean

The unique modular concept of Umang’s Pelletizing System facilitates optimized solutions to meet process needs exactly. Mixer/granulator, extruder and spheronizer modules are combined to create a complete integrated pellet production plant, or selected individually to suit specific requirements. Modules can be operated in either batch or continuous mode, for maximum flexibility of operation, and can be used stand-alone, or integrated with other up- or down-stream equipment such as fluid bed processing systems. Ideal for both product development and full-scale production applications, process scale-up of the Umang’s Pelletizing System is easy – it’s simply a factor of processing time.

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