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Encapsulation of Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin Spheres / Pellets / Beadlets / Granules

This Product contains a blend of the following:
Co-enzyme Q10: Beneficial in Eye care, CVS care, for stronger immunity, and Diabetic nutrition.
Omega 3 Fatty Acid: helpful in reducing triglyceride levels.
Colostrum: Strengthens immunity.
Grape Seed Extract: Antioxidant, CVS care, Bone strength, wound healing.
Green tea: Antioxidant beneficial in CVS care, CNS care, Diabetic nutrition, Bone strength.
Ginseng: Improves immunity, Beneficial in CVS care, Eye care, and Diabetic nutrition.
Citrious Bioflavanoid: regulates circulation, CVS care, Lowering Cholesterol levels in blood.
Inulin: Regulating Triglyceride and Cholesterol levels in blood.
Beta carotene: Aids in alleviating CVS Problems. Strengthens Memory, Beneficial in eyecare
Lycopene: Is a powerful antioxidant that slows down the rate of aging. It is also know in preventing potential heart problems.
Wheat Germ Oil: Strong antioxidant, source of vitamin E.
Lutein & Zeaxanthin: For eye care.
Lactobacillus sporogenes: CVS Care, Gut Health
Vitamin C: Helps in iron absorption.
Niacinamide: CVS, CNS care. Aids in weight loss therapy, improves memory strength.
Vitamin B5: beneficial in skin care, Eye care
Vitamin B1: Beneficial in Pregnancy, diabetic nutrition, Women’s Health. Increases appetite and prevents CVS problems.
Vitamin B2: Improves Immunity. Beneficial in eyecare, Migraine.
Vitamin B6: Beneficial in cancer therapy, diabetic nutrition, Women’s Health. Increases appetite.
Methylcobalamin: Beneficial in Pregnancy, diabetic nutrition. Prevents CVS problems, anaemia.
Vitamin A: strong antioxidant helps in eyecare and skincare.
Vitamin D3: Beneficial in osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Thyroid care.
Vitamin E: Being an antioxidant, it helps against aging and preventing blood disorders
Calcium: Beneficial in dental care, CVS care, increasing blood calcium levels
Phopshorous : Benefiical in dental care, bone strength.
Ferrous Fumerate: increases blood levels of iron in anemia
Zinc Sulphate: Helps in treating Zinc deficiency and other disorders such as ADHD, improving immunity and dental health
Magnesium sulphate: Increasing levels of magnesium in blood. Beneficial in Women’s Health
Manganese sulphate: Beneficial in Women’s Health, arthritis.
Chromium Picolinate: Beneficial in Diabetic nutrition, against depression and PCOS. Weight loss management.
Copper: In copper deficiency, anaemia, arthritis.
At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture Encapsulation of Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin Pellets ranging over a variety of sizes depending on the customer applications & requirements. These Pellets can then be compressed into Tablets, Filled into Capsules /Soft gels as per the customer’s desired application.

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