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Hot Melt Extrusion

Hot Melt ExtrusionIncorporation of a drug in a polymer matrix is often used to sustain drug release. To producethese sustained-release matrices, hot-meltextrusion (HME) is becoming a widely-used technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Its major advantage over conventional techniques for manufacturing of sustained-release matrices (e.g. compression) is the continuity of the hot stage extrusion technique as the different process steps (mixing, melting, homogenizing and shaping) are carried out on a single machine.

This offers many opportunities for automation of the production process, allows a high throughput,limits material loss and yields matrices with excellent homogeneity. UMANG not only focuses on the machine but also on the principles of operation, process technology, equipment and different drug delivery systems manufactured via HME. Several polymers can be processed via HME to function as release-controlling matrix: synthetic cellulose derivatives (ethyl cellulose, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, celluloseacetobutyrate.), methacrylates, polyethylene oxides, polyvinylacetate, polyvinylacetate, poly(lactide–co-glycolide), starch, lipids, waxes (possibly in combination with a plasticizer to optimize the thermoplastic properties of the polymer). The design of the extrusion screw have a transfer screw, mixing elements, extrusion screws ensure a homogeneous drug distribution in the tablet matrix.

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