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Immediate Release Pellets

Immediate Release PelletsUmang offers technology of state of the art equipments and complete range of Products for "Pharmaceutical pellets" and "Mouth dissolving films", UMANG is the innovator and industry standard for complete Pellet processing solutions, and offers a range of solutions for IMMEDIATE RELEASE of pellets / tablets by Fluid bed wurster coating or fluid bed processor or by extrusion and spheronization or drug layering technology for immediate release solid dose applications. Our machines and technology produce attractive and stable on even the most challenging formulations.

An extensive selection of machines and formulations provides the user with the ability to impart many beneficial features to a solid oral dosage formulation. Benefits include:

  •  Reduced developmental process time
  •  One stop solution for Machines and technology.
  •  Stable formulation.
  •  Open DMF for all products open for registration.
  •  Lesser loss of drug due to optimised formulations.
  •  Complete documentation and analytical data.

Umang also offers customized solutions for customers where we develop products, supply them commercially and also match innovator profile wherever desired by the customer. Umang's ongoing research on pelletization solutions and processes has produced many solutions and options for our customers for Personal care we have a complete range of spheres, for edible complete decoration range, for Neutraceutical complete range of encapsualted pellets, Herbal and Ayurvedic complete range of ready to fill pellets. Additional advances in our immediate release tablet film coating technology include high gloss and pearlescence for products where desired, which not only give a more elegant appearance to your solid oral dosage form, but provide unique opportunities for branding and tablet / capsule identification.

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